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Advertising Services


Q:  What's the difference between buying magazine ads and setting dollar bills on fire?

A:  Flaming cash actually produces a benefit, since it generates heat.

Magazines offer the most traditional form of advertising.  The model is simple:  Content is the hook which brings readers.  Advertisers pay to have their commercial message intermingled with the content.


Local, Regional & National TV Planning, Placement & Analysis

  • Giving your TV commercial creative unmatched impact on TV

We guide you through each step of the advertising process, defining your audience, shaping your message, creating your TV or radio commercial, placing it in media and providing you with measurable results.

Radio AD's

We believe in radio ad campaigns at Ebtekar. Radio gives your business name market awareness. Radio proactively reaches prospects and delivers your company name and message affordably and frequently.

  • Radio AD's placement
  • Radio Programmes Sponserships

Online Advertising

There are two primary uses for Online Advertising, which, if utilised correctly, can be a very effective marketing tool. The first is as a brand-building medium and the second is to drive sales.

  • Advertise on Google
  • Advertise on Facebook

Indoor Advertising

Ebtekar helps local, regional, and national businesses advertise their goods and services at locations that host our indoor digital billboards.

  • Advertise at Tripoli Tower... Find out

Outdoor & Billboards

Unlike other forms of media, outdoor billboard advertising is one of the best ways to promote your business because you can’t turn it off – throw it away – or change the channel. You’ve seen the billboard ads around town.

  • Billboards shown on Google Maps
  • Flexible packages that fits every need.
  • After Sale services.